Band Video

An example of a band video by first take

In the worlds of video production Band videos are always fun to shoot. If the musicians are good performers there’s obvious things to shoot – after all bands usually look pretty cool. Plus working with music is always good fun.

First Take were recently hired to produce some promos for a new function band: The Giant Steps. This shoot was different in that the band wanted to record 5 tracks for an audio demo and then shoot video promos for all of them in just one night. It was a race against time to get everything finished. But somehow all this work was achieved. We shot each promo with a single camera (Canon 550D) using prime lenses (or as close to prime as possible) in order to open up the lack of light in the recording studio and achieve a shallow depth of field. We also used a slider to get some dynamism into the wide shots

With the rushes in the can we went back to the office and began to edit around a rough version of the completed audio. Here’s one of the resulting videos.

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