The subreddit for anything related to aquariums! To preface this I should say, that I know a fish less cycle would be easier and safer. $15.49. I have sand substrate and fake plants/decor. This is the “cleanest” method of tank cycling, but is the most difficult since it relies on the fishkeeper to find a good source of ammonia and monitor the levels in the tank. All aquariums had to new sponge filters ready to “seed” the aquarium. When they’re just the right size, all of the ammonia in the tank gets consumed before the fish (or your test kit) can even notice it. IMO wait until your tank can handle 1-2 ppm of ammonia and take it all the way to nitrate in 24 hours before you add any fish. 2. I took some inspiration from a member here...Snazy...who recently did an experiment on whether Tetra Safe Start works to quicken the bacteria cycle. Performing a fish-in cycle with Seachem Prime Step 1: Set up your aquarium. Stability cycles a tank in about a week, BioSpira does it in a day, Cycle takes six weeks, and Prime doesn't do it at all. I started a 10 gallon freshwater aquarium on June 13 (20 days ago as of today). Just like ammonia, nitrite is dissolved in the water and is invisible to the naked eye. Additionally, using ANY fish to cycle your tank is cruel, don’t do it). Ammonia is very toxic to fish, and is dissolved and invisible in the water – you can’t tell just from looking at your water whether your fish are in danger. As we touched on in the fish-in cycle, it’s important to protect any tank inhabitants from ammonia or nitrite in the water. Check out some of our other articles on aquarium care! I treated the tap water with StressCoat to dechlorinate it. Dose it with Seachem Stability. Don’t forget to rinse it with fresh water first! We recommend the Ammonia Alert® or MultiTest™: Ammonia kit. I was into fish for many years, been out of it for maybe 5 years now, but am getting back into it all with a 135 gallon tank that I am currently cycling. I have had it suggested twice now from a source that I trust on other fishkeeping relating subjects that using Seachem Stability will cycle your tank in 7 days and allow you to add fish. In a fish-less cycle the more important factor is it removes the chlorine and chloramines which kill the bacteria if not removed. This what makes Prime and Amquel/ Amquel+ such a versatile additive! This source of ammonia is added daily until the bacteria colonies are seamlessly converting it into nitrate, at which point the fish are added. There isn't a specific amount of nitrates you want. The Prime is more important than the Stability since it detoxifies the ammonia: Second day add - fritz 7 (bb) , stability , liquid ammo. Neither fish nor bacteria colonies like water that suddenly changes pH, temperature, KH, GH, or any other water parameter. These bacteria colonies multiply and grow until the nitrite stays at 0 and the nitrate is steadily rising. Do you have a sample timeline for what I can expect out of my tank cycle? Even if there is no visible physical interaction, the fish may well be "thinking" it, and that is high stress. Two nitrifying, one waste eating bacteria and a fourth bacteria species that eats nitrate. SEACHEM STABILITY. Anything that rots in a tank will produce ammonia, and fish will produce plenty of ammonia in their urine and waste. I've used Seachem products many times before, specifically Prime while doing fish in cycles, so I thought, let's try it. For one, the… 4th day had nitrites. I went and picked up a water testing kit, and have been reading up on the nitrogen cycle and how to do this in the best possible way, however I'm still confused on what levels I'm looking for when I test. The beneficial bacteria need a … IMO, this should only take about 10 days to 3 weeks with your pH. See Prime® FAQs and Information for more info about Prime®. I'm still a bit confused. We're also here to help you if you need advice. Chemicals like ammonia are produced in fish waste, and become toxic as they build up in the tank. Bacteria colonies need food in order to grow. We sure do! My tank was fully cycled in 4 weeks with low plant mass and purigen in the filter. I rescued a Betta from Petco that wasn't looking so good and so I don't have a real option. I am attempting a fishless cycle using Stability. On impulse I picked him up, and now am looking at doing a fish in cycle with seachem stability. My readings have remained the same throughout the entire cycle thus far. Unfortunately, ammonia-consuming bacteria colonies get rid of ammonia by converting it into nitrite, which is still very toxic to fish. You want nitrates below 20ppm in the long run, preferably <10pmm but 20 is still considered okay for most fish. To solve the new tank cycling problem, there are several products such as Brightwell Aquatic’s MicroBacter7, or SeaChem’s Stability that contain the bacteria your tank needs to fully cycle. This method involves simply adding a small number of hardy fish for your tank which will produce ammonia to feed the bacteria colonies. If you are planning to start a saltwater or freshwater tank and you need to cycle it, … FAQ: Where should I put Seachem Matrix™ in my filter? 1. The same weight and amount of food feed represented the same bio-load per aquarium. It’s possible to get a pure source of ammonia and add a small amount to the tank every day for the beneficial bacteria colonies. On impulse I picked him up, and now am looking at doing a fish in cycle with seachem stability. The process of cycling a tank can take anywhere from 1-3 months, but can be hurried along by using bacteria supplements like Stability®. Temp: 78-80 Ph: 7.6-8.0 Ammonia: 4ppm Nitrites: 0 Fish release pheromones and allomones, chemical signals other fish read. It’s impossible to avoid adding ammonia entirely – if there is something alive in the tank, it’s producing ammonia. If your nitrates are like 80 but you have 0 ammonia and 0 nitrites, you’re cycled but need to do a water change to get rid of the excess. I know that first ammonium spikes, then which I will see nitrites rise and ammonium drop, followed by hopefully nitrites drop and nitrates rise, however I'm unclear on what levels of nitrates I should be aiming for. FAQ: Can I use Seachem Matrix™ in a tank where I'm keeping ______? FAQ: How often can I dose Seachem Prime®? Stability is a commercial product made by Seachem. Here is how to do a fish-in cycle. When fish are kept in a tank that is not cycled, the fish become very stressed from a buildup of toxic waste and may die. Come here to enjoy pictures, videos, articles and discussion. API Quick Start. See Matrix™ FAQs and Information for more info about Matrix™. This is often called “new tank syndrome”, and is among the most common causes of fish deaths in new tanks. Seachem Stability Fish Tank Stabilizer - for Freshwater and Marine Aquariums 500 ml 4.8 out of 5 stars 2,835. Total tank volume means total volume of ammonia to generate a specific ppm. The bacteria colonies will grow best if you can avoid large water changes or water parameter swings while the tank is still cycling. Stability® is formulated specifically for the aquarium and contains a synergistic blend of aerobic, anaerobic, and facultative bacteria which facilitate the breakdown of waste organics, ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate. Sometimes, the amount of surface area in the gravel is simply not enough to support the amount of bacteria needed to cycle the tank. I went to my LFS, and was recommended Stability from Seachem, as they were out of Dr. Tim's. Once there’s ammonia in the water, the bacteria colonies that eat ammonia start to multiply and grow. Seachem Stability offers a more direct approach. One of the key features that this conditioner offers is a healthy and diverse biofilter which is adequate for all aquariums. I had done some research, and so I had also picked up decorations, tetra aquasafe, and a bottle of seachem stability. Keep up with the Stability, Prime, and water changes. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Once your tank stabilizes (pun intended) then add fish. Nitrates aren’t something that are lowered unless you do a water change or have live plants to consume them as they aren’t lowered by beneficial bacteria, so even if your tank is cycled, they can be very high and dangerous for your fish. It's not pretty up close, but large colonies of beneficial bacteria are vital for keeping a healthy aquarium. Neither fish nor bacteria colonies like water that suddenly changes pH, temperature, KH, GH, or any other water parameter. Ammonia doesn’t come from nowhere – it is necessary for the fishkeeper to add some steady source of ammonia to feed the growing bacteria colonies. You'll eventually get to the point where your ammonia is zero too after the initial release is finished. (*live stock used for bio-load of the nitrogen cycle) SeaChem Stability: Shake Well, Use one capful (5ml) for each 10gal (40L) on first day with a new aquarium. Guide: An introduction to cycling your tank. I've decided to go with the "fishless cycle" method using pure ammonia. Additionally, I'm unclear on how often I should be doing water changes with seachem stability throughout this process. Press J to jump to the feed. What are Seachem®’s recommendations to ensure a quick, stress-free cycle of my tank? Seachem stability is a conditioner product that mainly focuses on delivering and bringing back healthy bacteria that are important for the lives of both fish and plants. Different fish have different sensitivity levels, but it’s a good policy to keep the nitrate levels lower than 40 mg/l to avoid fish stress. Fish and other aquatics species may be introduced at an time as long as dosage is maintained for 7 days. To be certain whether or not you have ammonia in your water, it’s necessary to test for it using a test kit. We've attached a sample tank cycle to give you an idea of what a cycle might look like. The way to use Stability is along with Seachem Prime water conditioner, and water changes. I know the situation isn't ideal, but I'm trying to do my best with what I have, and do all the research I can. The product contains spores that will activated when added to your aquarium. There are a few methods that fishkeepers use to control nitrate, including water changes, specialized filter media, and live plants. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. “Cycling” is the process of growing good bacteria colonies in a tank which consume toxic fish waste and convert it into less toxic forms. The rise and fall of nitrite in the tank is called the “nitrite spike” and is the second part of the cycling process. Steady source of ammonia. We can see that the fish is very stressed, but to be certain that it is nitrite that is causing the problem, we need a test kit like the MultiTest™: Nitrite & Nitrate kit. Doing water changes during a cycle with fish in your tank will slow down the cycle, but it will only be a matter of a few days difference and your fish will appreciate it. It’s time to set up your aquarium. Fortunately, there is a second kind of bacteria that consumes nitrite and converts it into nitrate (which is much less toxic to the fish). When trying to determine whether a tank is cycled, you care that you have 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites, and an increased amount of nitrates. And, that includes all the equipment – heaters, filters, air pumps… Get it in there! My LFS owner sold me some stability swearing I could use it and just chuck fish in right from the get go. The reason both should be turned off is because UV and ozone break down and kill bacteria. Seachem's Stability & Water Changes... Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 11 of 11 Posts. Bacteria colonies need food in order to grow. Sorry, the board is unavailable at the moment for maintenance. It is a bottle that contains in a liquid, billions of four species of bacteria. Prime® can be overdosed by up to 5x the recommended amount for elevated levels of ammonia or nitrite, but we recommend ensuring that you have good filtration if you intend to do a dose this high. The temp is set to about 84 degrees. For this purpose, we recommend dosing Stability® every day for the first seven days, and then any time something happens in the tank that could disturb the bacteria colonies. SEACHEM STABILITY 2 LITER. A cycle starts with ammonia. Not all forms of bacteria are equally suited to the tank environment, so it can be extremely helpful to supplement bacteria strains that are hardy, adaptable, and aggressive in their removal of ammonia and nitrite. That is stability. Started these two 40g breeders on 3/17 Set up tanks all new everything - Left tank ph 8 right 7 - both 82-84 degrees for cycle Ran one one day with prime after setting up. The fish received (.5ml) of food once daily. but is excellent if you don’t have access to pure ammonia for cycling, A tiny pinch of fish food every day will feed developing bacteria in an aquarium. Then use 1 capful for each 20gal (80ml) daily for 7 days. For this reason, it’s important to have plenty of bio-media in your tank. If you chose this method, it will be important to keep the ammonia and nitrite detoxified through regular additions of a water conditioner like Prime®. The formula that I have been doing is as follows. After a week I used Seachem stability to avoid new tank syndrome and in hopes to help my cycle. To help control pH, we recommend buffer or buffers like Neutral Regulator® or Alkaline Buffer™ and Acid Buffer™. Steady water parameters. FAQ: What are the dimensions of the Tidal® 55 filter. Nitrates should just be higher than what you started at. There are three popular ways to add ammonia into a cylcling tank. Does anyone have advice on this process, or any tips on what I can do to make this the least amount stressful on the fish? When using Prime to detox ammonia, as in a fish-in cycle, it also is removing chlorine and chloramines. IMO- NEVER do fish cycle, alway do fishless cycles!!!!! As nitrite produced by the ammonia-consuming bacteria builds up in the tank, it can cause a condition called “brown blood disease” where the fish is unable to absorb oxygen out of the water. If you haven't kept planted tanks before, what I'm about to say may sound strange, but keep in mind heavily planted systems are a complete 180 from normal fish-focused aquariums. Keep in mind that this is no guarantee of what you will see in your tank - it is only intended to give an example of what an aquarium cycle might look like. After taking around 24 hours to settle in the tank, the beneficial aerobic, anaerobic and facultative bacteria will then start … For this, we recommend adding Prime® or another ammonia detoxifier like AmGuard™ every other day to keep the ammonia and nitrite bound up into a nontoxic form. See Stability® FAQs and Information for more info about Stability®. Article: Preparing water for freshwater aquariums. So I'm new to aquariums, and was gifted a 5 gallon tank, filter, and heater for my birthday. Get a cheap bottle of ammonia from ACE. I went and picked up a water testing kit, and have been reading up on the nitrogen cycle and how to do this in the best possible way, however I'm still confused on what levels I'm looking for when I test. We recommend Matrix™ for its extremely high surface area able to support multiple kinds of bacteria. This method tends to produce a few more “organic” side effects (slimy film, detritus, algae, etc.) This stuff appeared to have helped cycle my tank when I did my fish in cycle. I have been adding a little bit of fish food each day too because if I understand it correctly, I need to 'feed' the bacteria. A: The UV and/or ozone should be kept off for the 7 days you are dosing if you are cycling or for at least 24 hours if it is for Stability™ additions of new fish or water changes. Do not be surprised if your cycling process takes longer or if your ammonia and nitrite spikes are not as "neat" as you see in the sample timeline. Stability® is formulated specifically for the aquarium and contains a synergistic blend of aerobic, anaerobic, and facultative bacteria which facilitate the breakdown of waste organics, ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate. Temp...80F/84F seems to be the sweet spot for bacterial growth. I've got an air stone bubbling the water to oxygenate it. Check out Guide: Controlling Nitrate for more information on how to reduce nitrate levels in the aquarium. You want your initial ammonia reading to be 0.5ppm. I am currently on day 7 and have readings of .5 ammonia, zero nitrites and nitrates. Cycling a tank is dependent on a few things like tank volume, temp and pH. In our opinion, there are five key factors to a quick and easy tank cycle. The initial rise and fall of ammonia in the tank is called the “ammonia spike”, and is the first part of the cycling process. Test kits like MultiTest™: Ammonia and MultiTest™: Nitrite & Nitrate are helpful to track the progress of the aquarium cycle. How To Do a Fishless Cycle. You want to dose both of these daily while you fish-in cycle your aquarium. PLEASE NOTE: When dosing Prime®, the ammonia and nitrite are still present in the water and will show up on a test kit, they will simply be bound up into a form which is nontoxic to the fish. I'm using a simple HOB … Taking steps to speed the cycling process along and protect the fish from toxic waste is essential to prevent the death of fish in new tanks. Nitrate (as mentioned) is much less toxic than either ammonia or nitrite, which is good because almost every aquarium has at least a bit of nitrate built up in the water. If you prefer a more DIY approach, it is possible to simply add a small pinch of fish food to the tank every day, allowing the bacteria colonies to break down the food to produce ammonia. Fritz Zyme (FZ) and SeaChem Stability (SS) were used as directed (a.1) for a new aquarium “cycle” in the aquariums. While I was at the store, I fell in love with this veil tail Betta fish, who was towards the back of the display and looking sad. My tank is 215 litre. If you have less than 1 ppm ammonia or nitrite - dose Stability and … In your first week, start by adding a small amount of ammonia to your fish tank, this can be done with urine or with store-bought ammonia (often found undiluted in the cleaning products section). The API stress coat conditioner is known for its efficacy and thus, is generally preferred by many users.