An introduction to Social Media

An Introduction to Social Media: a Social Media training course

About our Social Media course

Ever wondered why some people are able to attract thousands of twitter followers while others struggle to get out of double figures? Do you know when to google+, how to pintrest, or just why you should be linkedin? This half-day course, or a 90 minute express version delivered over a skype-style video link, will give you an introduction to the major social networks. The course will explain why social media matters and give you tips and tricks to get the most out of the different platforms. While there’s no overnight quick fix, this social media training course will demonstrate that with a little dedication, some easily acquired communication skills and a decent plan, you can transform your business or personal brand using social media.

Who’s this for?

  • Anyone who was thinking of using social media for business
  • Anyone wanting to try social media marketing e.g. for a blog
  • Anyone who wanted to promote their personal brand

Topics Coveredintroduction to social media

  • What are Social Networks & what is Social Media? Why do they matter?
  • Introduction to Facebook
  • Facebook tips and tricks
  • Introduction to Twitter
  • Twitter tips and tricks. How to tweet effectively.
  • Introduction to LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn tips and tricks
  • Introduction to Social News sites (e.g. Digg & Reddit)
  • A brief look at Pinterest, Google+ and other growing social media sites.

We deliver the course privately to companies, individuals and groups. So contact us to discuss a date. But we also arrange courses for members of the public to attend as well as delivering a more compact version of the course over the internet. Put your email address in the box below to get updates about upcoming course dates or to register your interest for the online version of the course.

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