Communications Strategy

We guide and shape reputations, both corporate and personal, and create and implement strategic communications that ensure a cohesive vision of your organisation for your target audience. We help you to optimise opportunities and to manage and contain potentially harmful issues and crises. We provide mentoring advice, helping senior people to capitalise on their successes and to deal with challenging situations.

We advise you too on message development. Drawing on decades of journalistic experience, we are able to identify the potential for news stories about your organisation or yourself and help you to develop and prioritise your key messages. We then devise and implement your communications strategy, writing appropriate material, researching new media, using podcasts and webcasts where appropriate and pitching your stories to the right outlets. First Take delivers coverage across all communications. We bring journalists to you for briefings. We pride ourselves on thinking outside the box, ensuring that our clients are in the right media at the right time.

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