Make A Podcast

First Take’s Podcast Production Team can help you make a podcast to grow your business

There’s an audience of 100 million people (and growing fast) for podcasts. Produced well and they can have a dramatic effect on the fortunes of businesses.

The primary goal of making a podcast for your business shouldn’t be to directly make money out of the podcast itself. Although charging is becoming slightly more common most companies still don’t charge their listeners to download their podcasts. That’s because they are an efficient way to spread thought leadership and increase brand awareness.


  • Podcasts are available on-demand.
  • Unlike the radio, podcast listeners can rewind and pause. They tend to listen to their podcasts from start to finish.
  • Podcasts are entertaining and informative.
  • Podcasts appeal to devoted, niche audiences who quickly become devoted fans of the podcast producer.


Above all any podcast, even a corporate podcast, has to be enjoyed by the listener. At First Take we’re experts at devising entertaining and engaging content that compliments and promotes your brand.

We’ll then use state of the art audio equipment and editing software to produce a professional sounding product.


make a podcastOnce we’ve helped you make a podcast we can then assist with distributing and promoting it.  Whether it’s through iTunes or simply through your own website, we can advise on and implement on the best distribution strategy for you. We also offer social media and other online marketing strategies to get your podcast listened to by the maximum amount of people.

Example of our work

Barchester Green Investment Ltd hosted the launch of National Ethical Investment Week and commissioned us to produce a podcast featuring some of the keynote speakers. Click on the player to the below to have a listen.

WHAT next?

If you’re interested in hearing more do contact us via email or phone and we’d be happy to discuss your requirements and answer any questions.

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