Speech Writing

First Take’s Speech Writing Experts will craft your perfect speech to give your presentations their maximum impact

The value of a speechwriter is not to provide overblown rhetoric, but to express a speaker’s own personality, passions and perspectives in ways that those who know him best will say, “Yes, that’s him.”

In an ideal world, it’s best to write your own speech. You’d do the time-consuming research, take more time for quiet reflection, more time to play with concepts, cadence, comic relief and content, and then try several drafts until you produce a speech that truly expresses you and your vision.

In the real world even great orators like Barack Obama don’t write their own speeches. Time is the one resource executives and public figures do not have at their disposal. This is where First Take comes in. Our team of writers have written speeches for major public and private figures in the UK and abroad.

How it works

speech writing speechwriterWe help you create the structure and the phrases which will inform and entertain your audience, holding their attention and making the most of what you want to say. Even the most experienced public speakers benefit from help with crafting their words in speech writing. We liaise closely with you, ensuring that you are comfortable with the style, tone and language of the speech. If required, we will attend rehearsal sessions. Sometimes, you can only judge the effectiveness of speech writing when the speaker delivers it. A major speech will probably require a couple of rehearsals, allowing the opportunity for fine-tuning.

What now?

If you’re interested in hearing more about our speech writing services contact us for a no obligation, free-of-charge consultation. You may also want to consider our presentation training course which will improve the delivery of your speech.

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