Video Series Production

We believe that ongoing series of videos are the future. Having content expertly distributed on a regular basis significantly increases your chances of getting that content watched. In a recent survey, 100% of our clients said that series of videos were more effective than one-off videos. A series will help you reach new clients, secure current clients, build trust, get you fantastic PR, and make you lots more money. We’ve been trained to create and produce TV series by the UK’s top broadcasters, so we know how to get people watching and keep them coming back for more.

Example – The New Economy Podcasts.
First Take was asked by a prominent investment fund to create a series showcasing the knowledge of its key staff. The series would be distributed to current investors (building trust in the fund) and potential investors (demonstrating the fund’s expertise). We filmed a series of conversations between the fund’s staff and experts in industries the fund had invested in. The series aim is to fascinate the audience and subtly but powerfully build trust in the investment fund. Click on the video below to view an episode

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