Our top 10 Media Training Tips for dealing with any media interview

Top 10 Media Training Tips

Here’s a simple list of things to remember that we give to all media training clients. If you are concerned about an upcoming media interview, putting all of our top 10 media training tips into action will make a guaranteed improvement to your performance.


1) Be enthusiastic

Remember all those TV personalities that were just boring and  forgettable? Neither do we. Being in the media is all about performing. So if you want anyone to listen to you, a dose of enthusiasm goes a very long way.

2) Have anecdotes to illustrate your points

The media love a good story. Every point you make should have an anecdote attached. It makes everything come alive.

3) Have one or two sound bites ready

Pepsi is the taste of a new generation. Tony Blair had three priorities – education, education, education. What’s the catchy phrase that sums up your message that will stick in people’s minds?

4) Have a few Facts & Figures that illustrate your point

Nothing too complicated though. Almost 1 in 5 people is better than saying 19.8% of people

5) Breathe and talk at a measured pace

This will make you sound in control and confident, even if you’re trembling with nerves on the inside.

6) Don’t Get Angry

No-one looks good when their angry, even when they’re right. Just ask the journalist John Sweeney

7) Remember Your Main Messages

Rehearse up to three main messages for each interview, but no more. Get your main message into the first answer if you possibly can.

8) Prepare

Whether it’s in front of the mirror, in front of your smart-phone, or in front of a friend, practice and yet more practice is ultimately the secret to a great media performance.

9) Don’t Lie

Think about the last time you lied. Now imagine that lie was exposed and a recording of it was broadcast on national TV. You don’t have to tell the whole story, but whatever comes out of your mouth has to be true, otherwise it can seriously haunt you down the line.

10) Avoid Jargon

This is probably the biggest issue we have to work on in our media training sessions. Talk in plain language and the whole audience will understand you. Talk in the language of your business niche and you’ll be lucky if your colleagues understand you. Make a big effort to translate everything you say into something an old friend you hadn’t seen for a while that doesn’t work in your industry would understand.


Do you have a media interview coming up? Downloading our free Media Interview Preparation Template will really help you focus your thoughts and get you prepared for the interview. Filling it in should take about 10 minutes. If you complete it and return it to us, we will be happy to get back to you ASAP with bespoke tips to help you make the very best impression possible. This is a totally free service.

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